Pratley Quickset Putty is an exceptionally high strength, epoxy based, hard setting, hand mouldable putty adhesive. It is very similar to Pratley Original Putty, but sets much faster. It can be used underwater although Pratley Original Putty is easier to apply in underwater applications.

Colour: Ivory White

Gel Time: 8 mins

Set Time: 20 mins

Max Temp: 120ÂșC

Adheres to:
Metals. cement, concrete, stone, glass, slate, wood, most rigid materials

Most common chemicals, mild akalines, oil, petrol.

Suggested uses:

Mend roof tiles

Repair sumps and radiators

Mend basins and toilets

Repair ceramic insulators


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Quickset Putty

PRICE: NZD $14.50